Pinable Log Cabin Amish Quilt

Pineapple Log Cabin Quilt – in its forever home!

Artful Quilts – Pineapple Log Cabin Quilt Our fans and friends who really know us are well aware that we have this “thing” about quilts as art: We’re easily riled when someone calls a quilt an “arts and crafts” item, or describes a quilt or quilt maker as “crafty.” We are firm believers that quilts […]


Folk art of the amish Giant Dahlia Amish Quilt

Quilts: The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 8 of 8

Color and Pattern Significance in Amish Textile Art With respect to Amish textiles, color and pattern bear significance. Color significance can include: Black for protection or binding of the elements Blue for peace and spirituality Violet or purple for honoring sacred things and beliefs Green for growth, fertility and success White for purity Red or […]


Amisth Tumbling Blocks quilt

Quilts: The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 7 of 8

Quilts: The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 7 of 8 Block Quilt Patterns Block patterns are the purest and most prevalent of pieced quilts. When you think of traditional block patterns consider the variations: the Tumbling Blocks pattern, the many variations on a Nine Patch pattern, the Pinwheel pattern, the Snail Trail […]


Folk art of the amish

Quilts: The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 6 of 8 – Wholecloth Quilts

Amish Folk Art – Wholecloth Quilts A Wholecloth quilt is also referred to as an Heirloom or white-on-white quilt and is hand quilted in varied patterns. A few popular Wholecloth patterns include the Feathered Pineapple, the Amish Star and the Queen Anne Star. Admirers of this style of quilt often assume that this traditional and […]


Calico Double Wedding Ring Amish Quilt

Quilts: The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 5 of 8

Double Wedding Ring Quilts Physical examples of double ring (or Double Wedding Ring) patterns in textiles can be found in museum collections dating as early as 1825. However, double interlocking circles, much like those seen in Double Wedding Ring quilt patterns, can be found on Roman cups dating back as to the 4th century A.D. […]


Rose of Sharon Amish Quilt

The Folk Art of the Amish – Part 4 of 8

Amish Applique Quilts As well as being among the most difficult and time consuming patterns to execute, applique quilt patterns are among the oldest. Applique quilt and blanket fragments have been found dating back as far as 1066 in England (the oldest surviving fragment is actually Egyptian and dates to 980 B.C.). The word “applique” […]


Amish Quilt Moonglow Pattern

The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 3 of 8

  The Medallion Quilt The Medallion quilt pattern originated as a teaching exercise for sewing and quilting projects. Initially comprised of various compass and star medallions, as the quilter’s skills improved, the Medallion patterns became increasingly difficult. By the mid-1700’s simple Medallion quilt patterns had come a long way, becoming the preferred and most popular […]


Amish Quilt Mariners Star

The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 2 of 8

Stars and Star Patterns in Amish Quilts Star and star patterns are popular with many cultures, so it’s no wonder we often see stars in Amish quilts.  The pattern names are as varied as the stars: Lone Star, Texas Star, Star of Bethlehem, Broken Star, Mariners Star and Radiant Star are just a few quilt patterns containing […]


Star Log Cabin Amish Quilt

The Folk Art of the Amish – Part 1 of 8

If society can be distilled or simplified down to its ingredient cultures, and if cultures come from and are based on traditions, then a society’s art based on component cultures and their respective traditions means, by extension, that all art is folk art. Handmade quilts are art and as such, the folk art of the […]


Amish Quilts

Buffalo New York Bedroom

Anyone who thinks that Amish quilts are too traditional, old fashioned or stuffy, this is for you.  Here are images of a client’s bedroom – with Amish quilts. Our client liked two quilts enough to purchase both of them. The bedroom is modern and clean of line and in design, texture and color.  The designer […]


amish-quilts-for-sale-Hand Quilting Close Up 2

Old Order Amish Quilter

Amish Spirit markets and sells hand quilted quilts made by Old Order Amish quilters who are members of a small community in rural Pennsylvania. Thus far, our articles have in small part described some of our Amish friends, taken a stab at explaining why they make quilts and have described what a quilt is. This […]


What is a Quilt?

The ability of layered fabrics to insulate against the cold has been known for a long time. Quilts as we know them are made of three layers: the quilt top, the batting and the quilt back. The quilting is the stitching that bonds these three layers together to create the quilt. The top of the […]


Why do the Amish make quilts?

People and all beings do what they can to survive and to perpetuate.  The earliest New World settlers needed to keep warm – so quilt making on these shores began in the early 1700’s. Any materials, burlap sacks, anything, that could be used was used. It makes sense that the act of quilt making (an […]


Old Order Amish Barn

Our Friends – Some Old Order Amish Quilters

The Old Order Amish are the largest group of Amish in America, and, in the world. There is no organization that holds these people together.  Rather, they are linked by their faith and traditions. The Old Order Amish are conservative, non-reform and non-progressive. We understand them by seeing them as entirely “off-grid.” They choose to […]


Artrider CraftWestport Blog Post image 4

Amish Spirit Quilts at ArtRider CraftWestport

Amish Spirit Quilts is showing quilts at the Artrider CraftWestport show As some of you may know, we were in Chantilly, Virginia last year as we participated in Sugarloaf’s Holiday Craft Festival at the Dulles Exposition Center. We don’t have a traditional storefront, so for us it was a lot of fun and just so […]


Flower Garden Quilt

How to price a handmade quilt

How to price a handmade quilt – a near impossible task! My grandma, for more than 30 years, created amazing and beautiful quilts. But for a few, she gave them all away. When asked (and she was often asked) why she didn’t sell her lovely quilts, her answer was always the same. She said she […]


Ocean Waves Amish QUilt

Country Quilts

We say, not your average country quilt

Country quilt. Country quilts. We hear this term a lot. Why? What is this quilt from the country? In fact, a few days ago our SEO service provider presented us with a laundry list of most often searched terms for Amish quilts. “Country quilts” is right up there at the top of list. While we’re always trying (or forced) to Google-please, we’re not even quite sure that this term brings anything stylish or attractive to mind.


Hand quilting Heirloom Quilt

Hand Quilting Versus Machine Quilting

Hand quilting versus machine quilting . . . . is it really a question?

We are often asked this question here at Amish Spirit and typically end up discussing the virtues of both methods. What we’d all really like is to get that combative “versus” out of there!


Double Wedding Ring Quilt

An Amish Quilt-like “Pay it Forward”

Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

We hope you’ll humor us as we write our second “we have the best customers on earth” post but really . . . we do. We have met the most interesting, kindest, friendliest and sincere people since we began this mission of bringing Amish Quilt art to as many folks as we can


Amish Quilts for Sale

A big Amish Spirit-ed Thank You!

Amish Quilts Testimonials (from our amazing clients)

Amish Spirit has been in the business of selling Amish quilts for a short two years. We’ve had the good fortune to meet the kindest, most genuine people who truly make us happy and grateful to have undertaken this journey. We often tell people that we have the very best, nicest and smartest clients in the world, and, from all over the world.


Amish Quilt Postage Stamp

Amish Quilts Are Art – You Bet!

Why is it even a question that quilts are art? Could it be that the makers of this art are primarily women? Is it because this art form is practical and usable? Or possibly the “make do” characteristic of some quilts (think of quilts made of left overs, dress fabrics, etc.)?


Amish Quilts Blog Signpost Article

The Gift of Amish Quilts

Amish Quilts are great gifts, and, for any occasion. We are hugely thankful to Richard Cooke for his kind words about our products.


Amish Heirloom Quilt

Amish Heirloom Quilt – Just Arrived!

It was a long, long, VERY long time coming but well worth the wait.  The UPS man showed up with our new Heirloom quilt today!  We are proud to present a first for us – a king size Wholecloth Amish Heirloom quilt.  We opened up the box, set it up, took a few photos and […]


Amish Quilts Book Cover Art photo

Four Centuries of Quilts: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection

A new important book about quilts is being published this month, Four Centuries of Quilts: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection.  A 368 page book more than 350 photos and illustrations.  Keep an eye out for it! Order it now on Amazon!


Amish Country Lane

A few snapshots from Amish Country


A recent visit to our Amish Friends

We recently returned from a visit with our Amish friends. They had quite a few new quilts to show us, many of which were Radiant Stars and Lone Stars in Autumn colors of gold green, russet and orange. For the very first time we have a Maple Leaf pattern called “Autumn Splendor.” It is an […]


Welcome to Our Blog!

Amish Spirit has a blog – an online bulletin board on which we plan to post thoughts, observations, news and quilts – all the things we want to share!