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Amish Patchwork Quilt

16 Patch Amish Quilt

Amish Spirit’s Amish handmade and hand quilted patchwork, pieced, wedding ring, applique, log cabin, star and wholecloth quilts for sale are made by the women of an Old Order Amish community in rural Pennsylvania.  Each quilt is handmade by one woman.  The uniformity and consistency of one artist’s hand quilting gives each quilt its own unique resonance. As for fabrics, only quilt grade dye fast cottons are used.

Handmade Broken Star Quilt

Broken Star Amish Quilt

A handmade Amish quilt can take 3 to 4 months (500 to 700 hours) to complete.  When considering cost and value, remember that a productive quilter can only make 5 to 6 quilts per year.  Furthermore, Amish quilts are made to be heirlooms, passed along from one generation to the next.

Amish Quilt Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Tumbling Blocks Amish Quilt

Generally speaking, a quilt consists of three parts: a quilt top, the batting and the quilt backing.  Quilt tops consist of hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of sewn-together small pieces of fabric that create the desired quilt pattern.  In the case of an Amish quilt, the quilt top, batting and quilt back are fused together by the celebrated hand quilting of the Amish. The finished product is a lightweight warm cover renowned for its beauty.  Each quilt is unique in this world.

Red and White Quilt Hunters Star Amish Quilt

Hunters Star Amish Quilt

Everyone here at Amish Spirit enjoys making these quilts available to the public.  We admire and stand behind each of them.  As you browse our quilts for sale, what is less apparent is the quilters’ story.  The Amish women of this community cannot work outside their homes.  Quilt making offers these women, especially the widows, a way to increased self esteem and independence.  A way to an income.

Amish Quilt Arachnes Quilt Full View 2

Arachne Amish Quilt

Our Amish quilts for sale can be viewed via the above tab “Quilts for Sale.”  Our Amish Baby quilts can be viewed via the above tab “Infant Quilts.”  We also sell Amish hand woven rugs, hot plates and placemats.  You can see them via the “Other Items” tab above.

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