Quilts: The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 8 of 8

Color and Pattern Significance in Amish Textile Art

With respect to Amish textiles, color and pattern bear significance. Color significance can include:

  • Black for protection or binding of the elements
    Folk art of the amish Star Spin detail

    Multi-color Star Spin Quilt

  • Blue for peace and spirituality
  • Violet or purple for honoring sacred things and beliefs
  • Green for growth, fertility and success
  • White for purity
  • Red or pink for the importance of family and community
  • Yellow for unity within the family and mind/body wellness

Pattern significance can include:

  • Central blocks in patterns indicate hearth or home
    Folk art of the amish Heirloom quilt detail

    Heirloom Quilt central medallion detail

  • Stars can represent many things including good fortune, love, hope, harmony, energy, fertility and protection from fires
  • Eight points in an Amish star signify abundance and good will
  • Hand quilted patterns also have meaning, some of which are as follows:
  • Intertwined elements signify a happy home, harmony and long life
  • Birds and rosettes (or floral elements) are for good luck
  • Lilies suggest unending life
  • Greens (vines and leaves) along with floral elements ensure the home is filled with life and vitality
  • Scallops indicate smooth sailing
    Folk art of the amish Giant Dahlia quilt pattern detail

    Feathered heart hand quilted detail

    in life
  • Feathered elements are for hope, charity and personal faith
  • A pineapple symbolizes warmth and hospitality and offers a welcome greeting to all.