Our Friends – Some Old Order Amish Quilters

TOld Order Amish Barnhe Old Order Amish are the largest group of Amish in America, and, in the world. There is no organization that holds these people together.  Rather, they are linked by their faith and traditions.

The Old Order Amish are conservative, non-reform and non-progressive. We understand them by seeing them as entirely “off-grid.” They choose to be separate from the rest of us (off-grid) in order not to be distracted from their faith and from their way of life.

Our Old Order Amish friends love to laugh. They shop at WalMart, will ride a train or call a non-Amish friend for a ride in a car. They will not operate a film camera but if shown how to use an iPad, will do so Old Order Amish Farmer's Hatwith enjoyment. They don’t have telephones, but Old Order Amish Hay Stacksif you leave a message the neighbor next door, they will return your call.

Their children are attentive, sweet and shy. When our Amish friend took her grandchildren for ice cream she had a large banana split. When this friend’s son was ill, he was brought to Pittsburg’s best hospital for tests.

Ted and Karen Milton
Amish Spirit (division of RIA Group, Ltd.)

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