Quilts: The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 7 of 8

Quilts: The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 7 of 8

Block Quilt Patterns

Handmade Amish Quilt Tumbling Blocks Pattern

Tumbling Blocks Amish Quilt

Block patterns are the purest and most prevalent of pieced quilts. When you think of traditional block patterns consider the variations: the Tumbling Blocks pattern, the many variations on a Nine Patch pattern, the Pinwheel pattern, the Snail Trail pattern, the Irish Chain and of course the numerous Patchworkquilts patterns we all know. Block patterns are deceptively difficult to make because the quilter must perfectly piece every aspect of every block in the pattern. It’s said that block patterns are

Handmade Quilt Postage Stamp 9 patch

Postage Stamp Amish Quilt

popular among hand quilters because they leave nice open spaces in which to show off the maker’s hand quilting. Block patterns are popular among quilt lovers because the patterns lend themselves to a wide variety of color combinations and fabrics.

Amish Schoolhouse Quilt Pattern

Amish Schoolhouse Quilt

Our Postage Stamp Amish quilt is a great example of how the quilter’s use of color and fabric can create an interesting variation on a traditional Nine Patch quilt pattern.