Log Cabin New Amish Quilt for sale

Log Cabin Barn Raising

Log Cabin Amish quilt in a Barn Raising variation

The Log Cabin is among the most versatile of quilt patterns. The Log Cabin Barn Raising variation is a perfect example. The maker strategically pieced the “logs” of fabric to create an overall radiating pattern. She also added an interesting feature: she incorporated a Blazing Star in the center of the quilt. Every “log” is hand quilted. We think this quilt is visually interesting and full of texture. The maker used a wide array of print fabrics to create shadow and movement. (Item 2189)

Approximate dimensions: 96″ X 109″ – $1,050.00

Hand quilted Log Cabin Amish Quilt patternLog Cabin Log Cabin Amish Quilt Pattern Log Cabin Amish Quilt for Sale Log Cabin Amish Quilts for Sale Handmade Log Cabin Amish Quilt for sale

Crazy Patch

Crazy Patch Wall Hanging

Colorful and detailed Crazy Patch wall hanging

Our Crazy Patch wall hanging was made by our head quilter. Her embroidered stitch-work is brilliantly adroit: a garden of embroidery nourished by the fabrics.

Most people have seen crazy quilts – they are made of differently shaped pieces of material – there is no pattern: just a collage of fabrics with fancy embroidered stitches covering the edges of each piece of fabric. This time, the maker downsized to a wall hanging – a beautiful piece of art for any wall.

Crazy quilt patterns can be constructed of fabrics such as velvet, satin and silk and can be embellished with complicated and varied embroider patterns, buttons, lace, ribbons and beads. They can be found in many museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian.

Approximate dimensions: 25″ X 25″ – $350.00

Crazy Patch Amish Quilt for Sale Crazy Patch Amish QuiltCrazy Patch Handmade Wall Hanging Crazy Patch Amish Quilts for SaleCrazy Patch Amish Wall Hanging

Amish Quilt Mariners Star

The Folk Art of the Amish – Part of 2 of 8

Stars and Star Patterns in Amish Quilts

Star and star patterns are popular with many cultures, so it’s no wonder we often see stars in Amish quilts. Amish Quilt Mariners Star The pattern names are as varied as the stars: Lone Star, Texas Star, Star of Bethlehem, Broken Star, Mariners Star and Radiant Star are just a few quilt patterns containing stars. A star pattern quilt is typically constructed of hundreds (and in some case, thousands) of sewn-together diamond Broken Star Amish Quiltshaped pieces of fabric.  Only skilled quilters are able to perfectly align the sides of the diamonds to create star patterns.  These difficult to make and much-prized patterns are in the permanent collections of museums including the Carnegie Museum and the Smithsonian.


In the case of Amish quilts, a star pattern contains a great deal of symbolism. A star represents good fortune, love, hope, harmony, energy, fertility and protection from fires. There are also finer design criteria Lone star Amish Quiltpertaining to the number of points in a star, which also has significance. For example, eight points symbolizes abundance and good will.


Amish Quilts

Buffalo New York Bedroom

Anyone who thinks that Amish quilts are too traditional, old fashioned or stuffy, this is for you.  Here are images of a client’s bedroom – with Amish quilts.

Amish QuiltsAmish Quilts

Our client liked two quilts enough to purchase both of them. The bedroom is modern and clean of line and in design, texture and color.  The designer of this bedroom makeover worked with the quilts.  Originally an area rug was chosen that had a white geometric pattern over a dark field. However, it was felt that this rug would fight with the quilts.  The designer ended up choosing a large white area rug framed by a newly exposed hardwood floor to set off and contrast nicely with the quilts.  It’s a great look and a job well done!

What is a Quilt?

Amish Quilts

The ability of layered fabrics to insulate against the cold has been known for a long time. Quilts as we know them are made of three layers: the quilt top, the batting and the quilt back. The quilting is the stitching that bonds these three layers together to create the quilt.

The top of the quilt can be one fabric, or, it can be a pieced quilt top, sometimes made of thousands of pieces of fabric sewn together to make the quilt top.  The middle layer of a quilt – the batting – is more and more often  polyester. Unless asked to do otherwise, even the Old Order `choose polyester batting over cotton batting. You may wonder why quilters use polyester rather than cotton batting? A polyester bat is easier to quilt, it has more loft (better memory) and it shows off the quilting more effectively than cotton batting. A handmade quilt with polyester batting is also easier to care for, it dries faster and the batting will not shift or shrink with use. Also, the quilt does not retain body moisture and it is much warmer than a quilt with a cotton batting.

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