Crazy Patch

Crazy Patch Wall Hanging

Colorful and detailed Crazy Patch wall hanging

Our Crazy Patch wall hanging was made by our head quilter. Her embroidered stitch-work is brilliantly adroit: a garden of embroidery nourished by the fabrics.

Most people have seen crazy quilts – they are made of differently shaped pieces of material – there is no pattern: just a collage of fabrics with fancy embroidered stitches covering the edges of each piece of fabric. This time, the maker downsized to a wall hanging – a beautiful piece of art for any wall.

Crazy quilt patterns can be constructed of fabrics such as velvet, satin and silk and can be embellished with complicated and varied embroider patterns, buttons, lace, ribbons and beads. They can be found in many museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian.

Approximate dimensions: 25″ X 25″ – $350.00

Crazy Patch Amish Quilt for Sale Crazy Patch Amish QuiltCrazy Patch Handmade Wall Hanging Crazy Patch Amish Quilts for SaleCrazy Patch Amish Wall Hanging

Amish Church Dolls

Amish Church Doll

Traditional Amish Church Doll

During the Revolutionary War, church dolls were made for little girls to carry and bring with them into church services. Dolls were given to young girls to keep them occupied during what could be day-long church services. The dolls were made entirely of cloth so that when they were dropped in church they would not make noise and disturb the service. Church dolls were revived during the Civil War as remembrances for those who went to fight and given as keepsakes to soldiers representing the loved ones they’d left behind.

Approximate dimensions: 12” X 4” – $20.00

Amish Church DollAmish Church Doll For saleAmish Church Doll

Baby Bonnet

Baby Bonnet

Newborn Baby Bonnet

Our traditional Amish baby bonnets are made of a hankie square. Created with a simple stitch or two and a few folds, it can be worn when you bring your baby home from the hospital. Carefully store this keepsake and in the future, after those few stitches are snipped, it can be used on a wedding day as the bride’s something old.

Size is suitable for newborns – $20.00

handmade amish Baby Bonnetamish Baby Bonnethandmade Baby Bonnet handmade amish Baby Bonnet for sale Baby Bonnet

Throw Pillows Amish Quilts for Sale

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Variation on a Drunkards Path Quilt Pattern

A beautiful PAIR of handmade, hand quilted, decorated pillow COVERS. (Please note: there are no inserts included – this listing is for a pair of pillow covers only.)
While made in the Amish tradition, these decorative pillow covers are non-Amish made items created by one of the owners of Amish Spirit Quilts. This is a contemporary variation on a Drunkard’s Path pattern. All fabrics are cotton batiks. Pillow cover backs close with button and loop closures.  Entirely hand quilted and is also bound by hand.

Approximate dimensions: 17.5″ X 17.5″ (each) – SOLD

Throw Pillows Amish Quilts for SaleThrow Pillows Amish Quilts for Sale Throw Pillows Amish Quilts for Sale Throw Pillows Amish Quilts for Sale