Winners Circle Amish Quilt

A beautiful and contemporary Winners Circle quilt in a traditional calico print

The quilt maker is clearly accomplished with regard to the difficult task of sewing together curved pieces of fabric.  An interesting point about this Winners Circle Amish quilt is that the maker didn’t create the curves from two sewn-together pieces of half curves.  All curves are one piece of fabric.  She hand quilted all of the pattern’s edges and in the open space between the circles, she hand quilted a feathered wreath.  The maker chose a green calico print fabric and pieced it over a light background fabric.  We think this is a perfect combination of colors, which also makes the the points, curves and circles of this pattern stand out.

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 105″ – $1,030.00 SOLD

Winners Circle Amish Quilt Winners Circle Amish QuiltHandmade Amish Quilt Winners Circle Winners Circle