Underground Railroad Amish Quilt

The story of the Underground Railroad

This Amish quilt, beautifully pieced and heavily hand quilted, is the story of the Underground Railroad: the journey that slaves embarked upon to reach the free North and Canada. Some of the symbols and their folkloric meanings are as follows: “The Monkey Wrench” pattern turns the “Wagon Wheel” north. Then, with the help of your “Higher Power,” follow the “Bear’s Trail” into the woods. Fill your “Baskets” with food to get you to the “Crossroads” and the “Log Cabin” pattern tells whether it’s safe to stop and rest. Follow the migrating “Flying Birds” and meander like a “Drunkards Path” to be evasive. Take a “Boat” across the Great Lakes and follow the “North Star” to Canada.  The maker used traditional calico prints in a wide array of jewel tones to make this quilt.

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 112″ – $1,125.00 SOLD

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