Tumbling Blocks Baby Quilt

Tumbling Blocks Baby Quilt – amazing use of color to create a beautiful little unisex infant quilt. 

Amish Spirit is happy to present this traditional Tumbling Blocks pattern in a scaled down infant quilt size.  The artist cleverly uses a mix of dye fast calico and solid fabrics to create interest and depth in this timeless quilt pattern.  Be sure to view the detail photos of this quilt and you’ll see that the top of each Tumbling Block is a true diamond shaped piece of fabric.  It’s far easier to create a Tumbling Blocks pattern by piecing together two triangles (into a diamond).  As you can see, this artist didn’t take the easy way on this quilt and it was well worth her efforts. Our Tumbling Blocks Infant Quilt carries a border of a hand quilted rope pattern – an important component of any traditional Amish Quilt. 

Approximate dimensions are: 38″ X 49″ – $270.00

Every baby quilt is different. The photos here represent a sampling of this particular pattern. Your quilt may differ slightly.

Amish Quilt For sale Tumbling Blocks Baby QuiltAmish Quilt For sale Tumbling Blocks Baby Quilt