Trip Around the World Quilt

Two patterns. Once quilt.  A combination of  a Trip Around the World, and, a Lone star pattern

The quilter ingeniously combined two patterns to make this quilt. Both the Trip Around the World and the Lone Star pattern are piecing nightmares. As with all patterns of many small pieces it takes great skill to align every little square and diamond of fabric perfectly to create the radiating colors seen in this quilt.  There are more than 1000 small pieces of fabric in this quilt. The maker’s geometry is perfect.  She hand quilted every side of every diamond and every square (a monumental task).  Hand quilted feathered elements finish the quilt. The quilter’s color palette is a bold yet unobtrusive: this quilt presents well in anywhere.

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 108″ – $1,275.00

Amish Trip Around the World quilt pattern Amish Quilt For Sale Trip Around the WorldTrip Around the World Quilt