Sunshine and Shadows Baby Quilt

Sunshine and Shadows Baby Quilt – This quilt pattern is also called Trip Around the World and is one of the most popular traditional Amish Quilt Patterns. Our Sunshine and Shadows Baby Quilt is made up of varying shades of what many call traditional “Amish blue” fabric.  We love this quilt for so many reasons.  The hand quilted patterns around the borders are unique – we have not seen this pattern before or since.  The back is of this baby quilt is the darkest blue shade you see on the front of the quilt.  The hand quilting is precise and made up of tiny stitches.  The hand bound edge is of a contrasting lighter blue.  You can truly use and show off either side of this infant quilt. Please note that there is no loop for hanging on the back of this quilt.  Approximate dimensions: 44.5″ X 56.5″ – SOLD

We also have a Trip Around the World baby quilt in a mix of unisex colors (solids and calico).

Sun Shad Blue Infant Full Sun Shad Infant Blue Detail