Stars Over the Georgetown Path

The story of the Stars Over the Georgetown Path quilt pattern

We believe this beautiful quilt describes the journey of those seeking to escape slavery by traveling to and reaching the northern states and beyond into Canada. In the middle of the quilt burns a traditional 8-pointed Amish star: a star of faith, conviction and courage. In order to avoid detection and recapture, escapees had to travel at night.  They relied upon the stars to point the way north, as represented by the stars that ring the quilt. After the inner Amish star is the pattern Drunkard’s Path which represents the evasive maneuvers taken to avoid detection.  Like the rivers and streams followed by escapees, the Drunkards Path is meandering and winding.  This is a strong, beautiful Amish textile.  (Item 2036)

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 112″ – $1,325.00

Amish Quilt for Sale Stars Over the Georgetown PathStars Over the Georgetown Path Stars Over the Georgetown Path Quilt Pattern Handmade Stars Over the Georgetown Path