Queen Anne Star Wholecloth Quilt

Queen Anne Star Wholecloth quilt filled with precisely placed hand quilting.

As you’ll see in the close up shots of our Queen Anne Star Wholecloth quilt, the artist quilts no less than 10 stitches per inch!  All four sides are scalloped and hand bound.  This is a very fine and traditional Amish quilt containing an 8 pointed star within an 8 pointed star and the focal point of the central medallion. In keeping with Amish tradition, color and pattern carry significance: the color white (in this case, ivory) brings success.  Star patterns represent good fortune, love, hope, harmony, energy, fertility and protection from fires. The number of points in a star is also significant: eight points symbolizes abundance and goodwill.  The scallops along the edges of this quilt signify smooth sailing in life and the braid you see throughout most of this piece’s hand quilted elements represent harmony within the family. 

Approximate dimensions: 104″ X 108″ – $1,350.00

queen anne star wholecloth quilt queen anne star wholecloth quiltqueen anne star wholecloth quilt queen anne star wholecloth quilt