Pineapple Wholecloth Amish Quilt

Rare and unusual Pineapple Wholecloth Amish quilt

This unique Pineapple Wholecloth quilt was created using a seamless piece of unbleached muslin that is off-white in color.   We have had this maker’s Feathered Pineapple quilts in the past, but this particular quilt is quite unusual and rare. It contains more quilting, a wider array of patterns of varying difficulty and is a much more intricate design overall. We love the way that this quilt drapes – be sure to have a look at the photos of the sides and borders of this quilt. The artist’s quilting is precised and tight.  It took her considerable skill and much longer for to make this Pineapple Wholecloth quilt.  

Approximate dimensions: 113″ X 114″ – $1,800.00

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