Moon Glow Amish Made Quilt

Moon Glow Amish made quilt – heavily hand quilted.

Here is one of the most beautiful quilts ever made.  Originally designed by Jinny Beyer, it’s called “Moon Glow.” She and her associates also designed the beautiful, high grade cottons which make up this quilt top and quilt back.

This is a very special Moon Glow. It is made by an Old Order Amish quilter who hand pieced, rather than paper pieced the quilt top. It is an extra large king size and the artist put in a lot of additional creative, flowing hand quilting around the quilt borders and at the top (or pillow cover portion) of the quilt.

The medallions contain more than twenty different jewel toned fabrics; the overall appearance is somehow analogous to the way colors and objects appear when lit by a bright moon.  Muted yet intense. Glowing from within. The Moon Glow.  A very rare and beautiful quilt.

Approximate dimensions: 110″ X 118″ – $2,050.00

Moon Glow Full View Moon Glow Diagonal ViewMoon Glow Detail of Top Moon Glow Star Square Detail Moon Glow Star Square Detail Moon Glow Log Cabin Square Detail Moon Glow Diagonal View