Log Cabin Quilt Barn Raising Variation

Amish Log Cabin Quilt  –  Barn Raising pattern

This beautiful Log Cabin quilt is made of a selection of blue patterned fabrics.  Many of these fabrics are accented with silver thread.  The strips of fabric used to make the logs are very small and narrow. Every side of every log is quilted in the ditch. There is generous and precise hand quilting along the sides of this quilt.  The bottom photo shows the two different twisted rope quilted patterns on each side.  The history of the Log Cabin quilt pattern is interesting.  You can read more about it in an article on American quilting history entitled “Underground Railroad Quilts & Abolitionist Fairs.

An incredibly versatile pattern, be sure to also read up on its history on our Handmade Quilts page.

Approximate dimensions: 104″ X 116″ –  $1,300.00

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