Log Cabin Amish Quilt

A traditional Amish Log Cabin quilt – with a twist!

This is quite an interesting Log Cabin Amish quilt. As seen in this particular quilt the Log Cabin quilt pattern is extremely versatile. In this case, the maker used larger and smaller logs and pieced them together in such a way as to create dimension in the overall pattern. She then basically cut a corner out of of each square and pieced in an interestingly patterned fabric – obviously for visual interest but truly a piecing nightmare! Add in the extensive hand quilting through out this piece and this became a laborious and time consuming quilt to make. We think it was well worth the effort!

The quilter used contemporary fabrics for this traditional pattern with a twist. Her color selection includes shades of teal, blue and gray. It’s a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary elements!

Approximate dimensions: 104″ X 115″

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