Handmade Quilt Log Cabin Barn Raising

Handmade Quilt – Log Cabin Barn Raising Pattern

This particular handmade quilt is a bit unusual.  It’s the first time we have had a Log Cabin Barn Raising quilt that is made in the traditional way – with the smaller “logs.” This handmade quilt is comprisedof traditional calico patterned fabrics in shades of green and burgundy with pops of white. As with all Log Cabin quilts, the maker quilted in the ditch. When you consider the small size and number of the logs used to make this handmade quilt, this is an incredible amount of hand quilting!

Approximate dimensions: 101″ X 108″ – $1,225.00

Handmade Quilt Log Cabin Barn RaisingHandmade Quilt Amish Quilt Amish Handmade Quilt Log Cabin Handmade Quilt