Handmade Quilt Log Cabin Barn Raising

Handmade Quilt – Log Cabin Barn Raising Pattern

Our Barn Raising is a variation on the popular Log Cabin handmade quilt pattern. The colorful “logs” in our Log Cabin Barn Raising quilt are made of calico patterned fabrics in shades of green, gold and yellow.  An interesting detail about this quilt is the light colored “logs” and wide border.  Rather than use the typical (or expected) solid fabric, the artist chose a beige shadow pattern paisley print. We think it adds visual interest and provides a little twist to this traditional handmade quilt. All Log Cabin squares are quilted in the ditch. The quilt is bordered by a band of dark green fabric on which the maker hand quilted a twist pattern.

Approximate size: 99″ X 110″ – $1,100.00 SALE PRICE: $900.00

Handmade Quilt Diagonal View Handmade Quilt Detail Handmade Quilt Log Cabin pattern Handmade Quilt Log Cabin Bar Raising Pattern Handmade Quilt full view