Giant Dahlia Quilt

A Giant Dahlia quilt in shades of blue, purple and green

The Giant Dahlia has become one of our most popular quilts and it’s easy to see why.  It’s beautiful but it happens to be very difficult to make.  There are curves within sewn together curves, which the maker must piece perfectly to create the Giant Dahlia.  In the case of this quilt, the quilter also pieced two smaller Dahlias over the pillow cover portion of this quilt. Her color and fabric selection for this particular quilt happen to be brilliant, taken from nature and the combinations are unexpected.  She used a mixture of traditional calico and batik prints in shades of blue, green and purple – with pops of a golden tan. Everything is pieced over a rich ivory background. The wide border on this quilt is a striking peacock pattern fabric and is repeated in the central dahlia. Heavily hand quilted with patterns including feathered hearts, crosshatch and garlands. 

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 113″ – $1,250.00

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