Drunkards Path

A Gorgeous Drunkards Path Amish Quilt!

American oral tradition suggests that the Drunkards Path quilt design was used along the Underground Railroad. Some even say that this pattern was used as an icon of the Women’s Temperance Movement. We look at this quilt and just think it’s beautiful!

Drunkards Path quilts are difficult to find, mostly because it’s difficult to cut, piece and hand quilt. It’s a particularly challenging pattern to make due to the curved pieces that make up the pattern. Due to the complexity of the design, construction involves pinning together many moving pieces to form the pattern. In the case of our Drunkards Path the maker chose two contrasting colors of teal and black to create a lot of drama. Every single curved piece is hand quilted. There are also complimentary fluid twist patterns hand quilted along the borders of this quilt.

Approximate dimensions: 95″ X 108″ – $1,325.00

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