Double Wedding Ring Quilt – King Size

A Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern in jewel tone calicoes

Here is a new jewel toned calico Double Wedding Ring in especially beautiful jewels. The Double Wedding Ring inspires thoughts of romance, marriage and family: of lives lived together. In this pattern, gorgeous jewel tones give this traditional pattern extra life and joy.  This Amish quilt has hand quilted flowers in the centers of each ring.  The linked ring pattern goes all the way to the edges.  All four sides of this quilt are scalloped and hand bound.  The artist backed the pattern with bright white fabric to enable you to better see the patterns within the ring patterns. A little tidbit for lovers of the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern – this quilt was not paper pieced!  Furthermore, every ring is double quilted on the inside and the outside of each ring.

Approximate dimensions: 106″ X 120″ – $1,400.00 SOLD

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