Double Wedding Ring Quilt

A Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern in richly colored batik prints

We believe the Double Wedding Ring pattern is so popular because not only is it beautiful to look at, but it inspires thoughts of romance, marriage and family: of lives lived together. In this particular quilt, the artist chose to use nothing but batik print fabrics for the rings.  Colors include rich shades of purple, green, blue, teal and red.  At the intersection of each of the rings, she strategically placed squares of solid gray and black fabric.  The large rings of this quilt are over an ivory background, which accentuate the beauty of the print fabrics used to create the rings. The artist hand quilted flowers in the centers of each ring.  The linked ring pattern goes all the way to the edges of the quilt.  All four sides of this quilt are scalloped and hand bound.  The artist backed the pattern with soft ivory fabric to enable you to better see the colors within the rings. While most Double Wedding Ring quilts tend to be random in their patterning, the artist placed her fabrics in the same order, in each ring, thus enabling you to see patterns within patterns.

Approximate dimensions: 111″ X 123″ – $1,550.00

Double Wedding Ring Quilt from FrontDouble Wedding Ring Quilt Diagonal View Detail Double Wedding Ring Quilt Detail of piecing and colorsDouble Wedding Ring Quilt Detail Double Wedding Ring Quilt Diagonal View