Double Wedding Ring Infant – Pink

Double Wedding Ring Infant Quilt

Double Wedding Ring quilt patterns are admittedly hard to make.  This traditional pattern is one of our more popular quilt patterns and this one has been scaled down to infant size. We also carry a blue Double Wedding Ring Infant quilt, which you can see HERE.

The predominant color in this infant quilt is pink with accent colors of yellow, blue and green.  Dye fast fabrics are a mix of solids and calico prints over a white background.  The edges are scalloped and hand bound (each side in a different color).  Hand quilted hearts are featured in the centers of the rings.  Please note that there is no hanging loop at the back of this quilt. Also note that the photos are representative of this quilt pattern, but please remember that all quilts are different.

Approximate dimensions: 39″ X 51″ – $250.00

DWR Pink