Double Irish Chain Quilt

Double Irish Chain Amish Quilt in traditional red and white calico print

A beautiful Amish Double Irish Chain with hand quilted flowers. The artist’s pattern is comprised of blocks of fabric which are shaded so that the darker blocks visually connect to form diagonal lines (or chains).  Simply put, a linked pattern.  This quilt mixes fabric blocks of red and white calico prints. The chains are pieced to a white background. In between the chains, the artist hand quilted 8-petal flowers. Each quilted flower is backed by four leaves. Both her quilting and the piecing in this quilt are excellent It is the consistency of the arrangement of blocks that make an Irish Chain such a popular pattern.  

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 108″ – $1,075.00

Double Irish Chain Front ViewDouble Irish Chain Detail Double Irish Chain Border detailDouble Irish Chain Side View