Country Peacocks Amish Quilt

Country Peacocks in an appliqued Amish quilt

Our Country Peacocks appliqued quilt is filled with fabrics of deeply saturated jewel tones. Freehand cut pieces of fabric form flowers, leaves and peacocks. Colors include deep blue, burgundy, purple and green.  Fabrics are appliqued onto a light background so that they really stand out.  Furthermore, this contrast draws attention to the hand quilting and floral elements. Hand quilting goes from end to end.  The maker added a lot of extra feathers to her peacocks for volume.  She also appliqued a garland around the border of this quilt.  As with all applique, our Country Peacocks quilt was a time consuming quilt to design and finish – but we think it was well worth the wait.

Approximate dimensions: 102″ X 112″ – $1,350.00

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