Center Diamond Red

Center Diamond Red – a very traditional Amish quilt

A Center Diamond Red is one of the most traditional Amish quilt patterns. It never ceases to amaze how modern these quilts really are.  We have here “an extraordinary juxtaposition of glowing colors and a powerful simplicity of design that parallels abstract art at it’s best”*

Color field, minimalist, abstract painting. Think Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, Barnett Newman amongst others.  And, at least 75 years before this movement, there were Red Center Diamond Amish quilts.  If you don’t have millions of dollars, buy an Amish quilt!

Approximate dimensions 98″ X 112″ – $1,200.00  SOLD – Special Order Only

If you like quilts with a lot of hand quilting, have a look at our Wholecloth Amish Quilts. Our Heirloom quilt has a similar center star hand quilted pattern.  This time, it’s a white on white quilt.

* Quote by Phyllis Haders in the article “Quilts: The Art of the Amish” from “America’s Glorious Quilts,” edited by D. Duke and D. Harding.

Center Diamond Red Full ViewCenter Diamond Red Detail Center Diamond Red Detail Center Diamond Red Detail Center Diamond Red Top Center Diamond Red Diagonal View