Broken Star Amish Quilt

Broken Star Amish quilt in earth tones

The central star in our Broken Star Amish quilt pops against a contrasting background. The maker’s use of color over a light background really makes the central 8-pointed star stand out. Colors include brown, green and tan. Anyone who’s attempted to piece a star pattern knows how difficult it is to line the angled sides of each diamond shaped piece of fabric. The quilter’s piecing is superior in this piece. She also contrasts the harder edges of the star patterns with fluid feathered hand quilting. Look closely and you’ll see that all of the open space of this quilt is filled with tiny, precise hand quilting. She also added a lot of color and sash-work around the borders of this quilt (2L).

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 112″ – $1,275.00

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