Boston Common Amish Quilt

Boston Common Amish Quilt traditional Boston Common Amish quilt pattern – with a few twists!

Ours is an innovative twist on a traditional Boston Common Amish quilt pattern. The maker took the pattern and literally turned it on its side. So, rather than a rectangular pattern, the Boston Common quilt pattern is in a diamond shape. And, rather that piece a diamond of the same colors in the inner space of this quilt, she hand appliqued and embroidered a heart shaped wreath of flowers – complete with butterflies. And apparently this wasn’t enough! On our Boston Common Amish quilt the maker also embroidered and appliqued a garland of flowers at the head, foot and sides of this quilt to compliment the central wreath. Finally, there’s so much hand quilting in our Boston Common Amish quilt, we don’t know where to tell you to look first!

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 106″ – $1,275.00

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