Bargello Quilt

Bargello Quilt – and ancient pattern adapted to make this beautiful quilt

The Bargello design, also called a “flame stitch,” was originally stitched into canvas and primarily used to make upholstery. In this case, a traditional Bargello pattern was adapted to create the Amish quilt you see here.  The maker used a mix of solid fabrics and print fabrics in shades of teal and black to contrast within a complex pattern and create what appears to be three dimensional depth.  Her quilting within the main part of the quilt emphasizes the pattern this by mirroring the peaks and valleys of this Bargello pattern. An interesting feature of this quilt is its backing. Rather than use a traditional off-white fabric, the maker backed the quilt with print fabric.  So, it’s like two quilts in one!

Approximate dimensions: 115″ X 115″ – $1,275.00

Handmade Amish Quilt for Sale Bargello QuiltAmish Quilts for Sale Bargello QuiltBargello Quilt Amish Quilt for Sale Bargello Quilt