Bargello Quilt Mountain Echoes

A Mountain Echoes Bargello quilt pattern

The Bargello quilt pattern has become quilt popular here in America, but we think you’ll be surprised to learn how very old this pattern is. While not well documented, it is thought that the Bargello design was brought to Italy in the 1500’s by a Hungarian princess who married into the Medici family.  The Bargello design, also called a “flame stitch,” was originally stitched into canvas and primarily used to make upholstery. The quilter adapted the pattern to create the Bargello quilt you see here.  In the case of our Mountain Echoes quilt, the artist used only solid fabrics in shades of blue, burgundy and black to contrast within a complex pattern to create what appears to be three dimensional depth.  Her hand quilting emphasizes this pattern by mirroring the “flames.” 

Approximate Dimensions – 100″ X 106″ – $1,175.00

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