Arachnes Quilt

Arachne’s Quilt in black and ivory

This quilt pattern changes, depending upon how you look at it. It can be seen as flowers with four or eight petals, or, one is reminded of a large flock of blackbirds taking off or settling in a tree. There is constant movement and it’s a beautiful pattern, accomplished by some gorgeous piecing of nothing but triangles. This quilt is entirely black and a creamy unbleached cotton, and the sharp contrast between dark and light is what creates the fluid negative and positive interchange of spaces.

There is also a weave – almost like a woven basket – that becomes prominent when the quilt is viewed on a diagonal. This quilt pattern is called Arachne’s Quilt after the master weaver who, in Greco-Roman mythology, challenged Athena to a weaving contest. For this hubris, Arachne was changed into a spider: the greatest weaver of all.

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 110″– $1,030.00 Price Reduction: $875.00 SOLD

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