Amish Star Quilt – Wholecloth

Amish Star Quilt – a prized heirloom wholecloth quilt

An Amish Star quilt has a traditional 8 pointed star for the central medallion.  An 8 pointed star conveys good fortune, love, hope, energy, fertility and harmony. Quilted by one maker, she incorporated many patterns into one quilt and hand quilted every square inch of this quilt. In addition to the Amish star patterns, she included ropes, twists and feathered garlands After looking at this quilt, is it any wonder that only the very best designers and hand quilters can create Wholecloth quilts?

Approximate dimensions:101″ X 108″ – SOLD

Amish Star Quilt Handmade quilt for sale Amish Star Quilt for sale Handmade Amish Star Quilt