Amish Star Quilt – Wholecloth

Amish Star Quilt – a prized heirloom wholecloth quilt

An Amish Star quilt has a traditional 8 pointed star for the central medallion.  An 8 pointed star conveys good fortune, love, hope, energy, fertility and harmony. This highly prized wholecloth quilt was designed and quilted by one artist. We have no idea how she incorporated so many patterns into one quilt. Every inch of this piece is hand quilted. The central star is repeated throughout.  The artist also included rope and twist patterns. Notice the feathered garland decorating the borders of this quilt. This is a very unusual  hand quilted pattern.  This quilt is also reversible – the back is a slightly darker shade than the front of the quilt. After looking at this quilt, is it any wonder that only the very best designers and hand quilters can create Wholecloth quilts?

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 112″ – $1,100.00

Amish Star Quilt Top View Amish Star Quilt hand quilting detail Amish Star Quilt Center Detail

Amish Star Quilt Detail Amish Star Quilt Border Detail