Amish Sampler Quilt

An Amish Sampler quilt with a wide array traditional quilt patterns

This patchwork quilt is called a Sampler pattern because it contains samples of various traditional Amish quilt patterns.  In this Amish Sampler quilt the artist incorporated traditional patterns including, 8-Pointed Stars, Pinwheels, 9 Patches and more. This pattern is also called a Sampler quilt because in conjunction with the many quilt patterns, it also contains samples of fabrics used in other quilts. In the case of our Amish Sampler quilt, the artist uses print fabrics of blue, teal, purple, gold and ivory.  The combination of rich and varied color along with pattern works perfectly in this quilt. 

Every part of every element of each pattern has been hand quilted.  The artist also incorporated a heavily hand quilted the border.

 Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 114″ – $1,250.00 SOLD

Amish Sampler Quilt Amish Sampler Quilt Top Detail Amish Sampler Quilt Corner Detail Amish Sampler Quilt DetailAmish Sampler Quilt Top