Amish Quilt Giant Dahlia Pattern

Giant Dahlia Pattern in shades of green and gray

The Giant Dahlia quilt pattern is one of our most popular quilts.  It’s beautiful but it happens to be very difficult to make.  There are curves within sewn together curves, which the artist must piece perfectly to create the Giant Dahlia.  Color and fabric selection for this particular quilt happen to be brilliant and from nature.  The artist used a combination of solid, paisley and intricately printed fabrics, all in various shades of green and gray.  Many of the printed fabrics contain leaf print motifs.  The sashwork of this quilt is of an interesting paisley print and picked up in one of the interior rounds of Dahlia petals. Heavily hand quilted with feather patterns and woven garlands.  

Approximate dimensions: 98″ X 112″$1,275.00

Giant Dahlia PatternGiant Dahlia Pattern Amish Quilt Giant Dahlia Pattern Corner Detail Giant Dahlia Pattern Center Detail Giant Dahlia Pattern Giant Dahlia Pattern