Amish Patchwork Quilt

Our Amish Patchwork quilt is both soothing and luscious.

The artist created it using colors that are similar to those used by the French Impressionist, Monet in his “Water Lilies” paintings. By themselves the 16 squares of fabric that make each patchwork square would not give the quilt the visual strength that it has. However, with the maker’s addition of the triangles on all four sides of the patchwork squares, the overall design is balanced and integrated. The patchwork squares touch and the open areas of the quilt coexist with the patchwork squares in negative and positive space. The make chose a tan fabric for the background of this quilt and dark green for the sash work.

Approximate dimensions: 98″ X 110″ – $1,075.00

Amish Patchwork Quilt PatternAmish Patchwork Quilt for saleAmish Patchwork Quilt