Amish Maple Leaf Quilt

A perfectly pieced and beautifully hand quilted Amish Maple Leaf quilt

Our Amish Maple Leaf quilt was created via a tradition patchwork style using a mix of calico and contemporary fabrics. The maker used a wide array of jewel tones with complimentary sash work. There are many interesting and unusual characteristics specific to our Maple Leaf quilt. Each maple leaf block is made using more than 20 pieces of fabric. We love the fabrics and the subtle gradations the quilter has incorporated in the quilt top. She also makes sure that each leaf is a little bit different. Her sash work, while subtle, is difficult to piece: at the intersection around each Maple Leaf she pieced a small square of complimentary fabric. (Item 2187)

Approximate dimensions: 98″ X 108″ – $1,275.00

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