Amish Flower Garden Quilt

An Amish Flower Garden Quilt in jewel tone fabrics

This complex Amish Flower Garden quilt required several months to complete. While it certainly is worth the wait, we seldom see this pattern because it requires so much time and effort to design and quilt. The quilt top consists of hundreds of hexagon shaped pieces of material. Every hexagon fits precisely into and with neighboring hexagons. Furthermore, the maker carefully selected colorful prints to be combined into “flowers” resulting in quite the garden. The maker hand quilted every side of every hexagons. Her hand quilting in conjunction with the selection of prints and color palette makes the flowers really pop.

Approximate dimensions: 105″ X 114″ – SOLD

Amish Flower Garden Quilt PatternAmish Flower Garden Quilt Handmade Amish Flower Garden Quilt Hand Quilted Amish Flower Garden Quilt