Amish Crib Quilt – Sunbonnet Sue

Amish Crib Quilt – Sunbonnet Sue pattern.  This crib quilt is the perfect size for a newborn. Designed, created and embroidered by an 86 year old woman who is truly the master of Amish embroidered arts!  This beautiful little quilt features a young Amish girl gathering apples in a basket while walking through flowers with her kitten.  Sunbonnet Sue is wearing a bonnet of bright blue. The central image is comprised of colorful and highly detailed embroidery.  The artist hand bound scalloped edges in pink.  Hand quilted petals wrap each scallop.  Please note that there is no hanging loop at the back of this quilt. 

Approximate dimensions are 33″ X 40″ – SOLD

We also carry the popular Amish Crib quilt pattern Overall Sam, which can be viewed HERE.

Sue Infant Tq Full Sue Infant Tq Corner