Amish Baby Blanket Starflower Pattern

Amish Baby Blanket in a traditional Starflower pattern

Also called an 8 Pointed Star pattern, this Amish infant blanket is filled with complicated hand quilting.  Quilted patterns include braids, ropes, twists and crosshatch.  This popular Amish quilt pattern is also called a Starflower pattern. The quilt is comprised of six panels.  Each panel contains an 8 pointed star.  Multicolored unisex colors include solid fabrics in blue, pink, yellow and green. Quilt is hand bound.  Background is bright white.  Each side of this quilt is hand bound in a different color. A great keepsake gift! 

Approximate dimensions: 37″ X 48″ – $250.00

Amish Baby Quilt Starflower Pattern Full View Amish Infant Blanket Starflower Pattern Detail Amish Baby Blanket Starflower Pattern Corner Detail Handmade Amish Infant Quilt Starflower Pattern Bottom Detail