Amish Applique Quilt – Wreath of Roses

Our Amish applique quilt isn’t just beautiful – it’s freehand cut, and, hand quilted

Our Wreath of Roses applique quilt is quite an accomplishment. Due to the difficulty and time consuming nature of creating applique, typically our applique quilts contain only a central medallion. If we’re lucky, we see a smaller repeat of the central medallion appliqued over the pillow cover portion of the quilt. In this case, the maker additionally appliqued a garland of flowers around the borders of this quilt. Every rose, leaf and bud was freehand cut and hand appliqued. Colors are a mix of burgundy and green over a heavily quilted white background. The detail photo of the center medallion of the quilt illustrates the complexity of the maker’s hand quilting as well as her skill with applique and embroidery.

Approximate Dimensions: 110″ X 115″ – $1,275.00

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