Amish 9 Patch Quilt

Amish 9 Patch Quilt in traditional Amish colors

This beautiful 9 Patch Amish quilt is composed of 7 colors: black, forest green, dark and light blue, dark and light purple and teal. The black squares are quilted on all four sides.  They seem to be smaller than the 9 Patch squares and appear to be floating within the pattern.  In the 9 Patch squares, there are subtle color variations. The 9 Patch squares are hand quilted diagonally which creates patterns within patterns. The black squares appear to be held within diamond shaped patterns created by the hand quilting.

It is interesting that while the regularity and rigor of this pattern gives this quilt strength and character, it’s the randomness of our other 9 Patch that gives that quilt its artfulness.  You can see our other 9 Patch HERE.

This quilt is well enhanced by it’s two borders. 

Approximate size: 98″ X 110″ – $1,150.00 SALE PRICE: $1,050.00

Amish 9 Patch Quilt Diagonal ViewAmish 9 Patch Quilt Full View Amish 9 Patch Quilt Detail9 patch Amish quilt Detail