Amish 9 Patch Quilt

A traditional 9 Patch Amish quilt for sale – with a twist!

This is a gorgeous 9 Patch Amish quilt. Amazing selection of colors and fabrics and this quilt is perfectly pieced. There is so much hand quilting in this 9 Patch quilt: every side of each of the 9 squares of fabric that make up 9 Patch squares is hand quilted. The maker also hand quilted a feathered wreath and 8 pointed star in each of the the open spaces between the 9 patch squares. The quilter chose a beautiful array of brightly jewel toned calico, traditional and contemporary print fabrics. The hand quilted squares nicely compliment and show off the colorful 9 Patch squares. (Item 2186)

Approximate dimensions: 102″ X 114″ – $1,300.00

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