9 Patch Amish Baby Quilt With Hearts

Nine Patch Amish baby quilt in a great mix of unisex colors

Our Nine Patch Amish infant quilt is a perfectly pieced traditional nine patch quilt pattern. The artist hand quilted flowers in the white space between each 9 path square. Unisex colors include green, yellow, blue and pink. The edges are hand bound. Be sure to look at the detail photos. The artist’s hand quilting runs long each tiny square of each nine patch pattern block. She also positioned the colored squares within the baby quilt to create overall visual interest.  We think you’ll agree that our Nine Patch Amish baby quilt is the perfect mix of traditional elements and colors.

Every baby quilt is different. The photos here represent a sampling of this particular pattern. Your quilt may differ slightly.

Approximate dimensions: 51″ X 37″ – $270.00

9 Patch Amish Baby Quilt Pattern9 Patch Amish Baby Quilt 9 Patch Amish Baby Quilt for Sale