Wedding Star Amish Quilt

Wedding Star – a variation on a Double Wedding Ring Amish Quilt

Amish Wedding Star handmade quilt.  A variation on the traditional Amish Double Wedding Ring pattern.  The artist created an especially striking and beautiful Wedding Star.  A pattern that’s seldom seen and was quite difficult to for her to execute. We’re sure you’ll agree that the maker has a great eye for color.  She chose shades of lavender, purple and sage green that simply mesh perfectly. She created this quilt using a gorgeous mix of calico, batik and solid high grade quilt fabrics. Edges are scalloped and hand bound. Esther hand quilted the rings in the ditch and detail hand quilted hearts in the spaces between the rings and stars. 

Approximate dimensions: 112″ X 102″ – $1,300.00SALE PRICE – $1,050.00


Wedding Star Quilt Wedding Star Amish Quilt Wedding Star Detail Wedding Star Side View