Star Dahlia Quilt

A Star Dahlia Quilt in various shades of purple, green and burgundy

Our newest Star Dahlia Amish is comprised of expertly pieced dahlias. The artist placed each Star Dahlia onto a neutral background, which best sets off the purple, green and burgundy fabrics that make up the dahlias covering this quilt from end to end. Star Dahlias created using classic Amish 8-pointed stars. In the case of this quilt, within each dahlia are petals of a darker green fabric.  Each petal is gathered then tucked at the flower’s center to give each dahlia a raised texture. (Beautiful to see, and, feel.) Hand quilting is of tight consistent stitches.  The artist chose hearts and twist patterns to fill the spaces between each Star Dahlia.  We also love the border she created for this quilt: scallops of green patterned fabric shadowing the same print fabric used to create the dahlias.

Approximate dimensions: 95″ X 110″- $1,275.00

Star Dahlia Quilt Full View Star Dahlia Quilt Top DetailStar Dahlia Quilt Detail Star Dahlia Quilt Side View