Patchwork Baskets

Gorgeous multi-color Patchwork Baskets Amish quilt

Baskets symbolize abundance and gratitude and behind every quilt there is usually a story beyond the visible symbols. In the case of our Patchwork Baskets quilt, an 84 year old woman (Barbara) took scraps of fabric, cut them into squares and pieced them together. Her husband, who cannot work due to a heart condition, helps her – which in Amish culture is unusual. Barbara sews the little squares into patchwork blocks but the blocks are too heavy for her to lift and quilt. So, her daughter in law (Rebecca) makes the quilt. It’s a family project. Barbara’s piecing is as perfect as we’ve ever seen. Rebecca’s hand quilting is magnificent. In 10+ years we’ve only had two of these quilts.

Approximate dimensions: 99″ X 110″ – $1,495.00

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