Overall Sam Infant Quilt

Overall Sam Embroidered Baby Quilt for boys 

This popular and traditional Amish quilt pattern is hand embroidered and heavily quilted.  Our Overall Sam baby quilt features a young Amish boy carrying out typical tasks during his day.  Be sure to click and view some of the detail photos.  You’ll see the highly detailed images of flowers, fish and leaves.  While the primary color of this Overall Sam quilt is blue, there are many other colors and just so much to see!  The images below are representative of our Overall Sam baby quilts but please note that each quilt is different.

Please note that each handmade quilt is different. The photos in this listing are representative of the quilts we make in this pattern. Yours may be slightly different from what’s shown.

Approximate dimensions: 40″ X 50″ – SOLD

Overall Sam Handmade Amish QuiltOverall Sam Overall Sam baby quilt Handmade Overall Sam Baby Quilt