Noah’s Ark Infant Quilt

Baby Quilt – highly detailed Noah’s Ark pattern

A baby quilt is a highly prized item within any family. A true keepsake. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is just a beautiful little quilt. Our Noah’s Ark baby quilt is not only adorable but amazingly embroidered.  The embroidered central image depicts Noah’s Ark.  As you’ll see in the detailed images, all the happy animals are embarking on their voyage.  The artist put in lots of detail and filled this baby quilt with vibrant color.  She hand embroidered, hand quilted and bound this beauty by hand.  Animals include elephants, zebras and hippos.  We especially love the giraffes. This is a unisex quilt, suitable for baby boys and baby girls.

Approximate dimensions: 38″ X 44″ – $250.00 SOLD OUT

Every baby quilt is different. The photos here represent a sampling of this particular pattern. Your quilt may differ slightly.

Noahs Ark Baby Quilt Full View Noahs Ark Baby Quilt Center Noahs Ark Baby Quilt Center Detail Noahs Ark Baby Quilt Corner Detail