Eureka Log Cabin

A Eureka Log Cabin quilt in beautiful shades of green and burgundy

The Log Cabin is among the most versatile of quilt patterns.  Our Eureka variation is a perfect example.  A traditional Log Cabin pattern is comprised of strips (or “logs”) of fabric placed around a center block.  In most cases, one half of the pattern block is light in color.  The other half is dark in color. In the case of a Eureka Log Cabin, the artist had to strategically piece narrow “logs” (or strips) of fabric alongside wider logs.  In this way she created curves and stars out of straight cut strips of fabric.  Our Eureka Log Cabin quilt is of many shades of green and burgundy.  The artist also put in pops of pink.  On the light side of the pattern, she chose a pale ivory fabric. We think there is a lot going on in this dynamic and intriguing quilt.  It crackles with energy and vitality.

Approximate dimensions: 102″ X 112″  – $1,300.00


Eureka Log Cabin Top Eureka Log Cabin Eureka Log Cabin CenterEureka Log Cabin Quilt patternEureka Log Cabin Amish Quilt